When to Prepare for the Worst?

The time to prepare for the sale`s rough patch is when it’s going the best. This does not sound very wise but when it’s going the best, you know what is working for you and what is not.

Collate these thoughts, the pitches, the solutions – basically, the things that are just making it work for you now – and make plans for the times when these all may just not work.

The month with the best sales numbers is when you prepare for the month with the worst sales numbers.

VAR – Slow but Fair

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) showed its value in its debut in the UEFA Champions League this year, and true to form, was not without controversy. In the marquee quarterfinal clash between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, two game-changing decisions were made after intervention by VAR. Llorente’s winner for Spurs was allowed to stand following a review but Raheem Sterling’s goal, which could have sent City through, was rightfully canceled.

Credits: Ballmemes

I have read the arguments that VAR affects the flow of the game with its repeated interruptions and that it can eliminate the human feeling of the sport by undermining the referee’s authority.

The criticism regarding VAR affecting the tempo of the game is agreeable to some extent. But the fact that VAR is addressing many of those ” we would have won if it was not for that denied penalty” or those “wrongly given offside” fans’ moments is a testament that VAR is the right direction.

Slowing the game, maybe, but getting results right is in the spirit of the sport. VAR needs constant refining and so it needs patience from us football fans.

WordCamps – Traveling, Learnings & Muses

The last 2 months have been great. I attended three WordCamps – WordCamp US, WordCamp Pune and WordCamp Udaipur.

WordCamp US 2016 – WordPress

This was my first trip to the US and I was excited by the prospect of meeting many of our clients, business associates and community friends whom I have only met virtually.

Rahul has nicely summed up our trip details in his blog post. Most of the meeting and events we did it together. Here are few pictures that I clicked.

It was great to experience the dedication and awareness everyone had about their businesses and work.

WordCamp Mumbai 2016

As usual WordCamp Mumbai was yet again a great experience. Though I was able to attend it only for a day but it still gave me enough time to interact with new people.

I was manning rtCamp’s sponsor desk and that automatically means talking to lots of people.

Some pictures from the camp –


Hello world! Finally!!

“Better late than never”.

After procrastinating it since long, I finally started with my personal blog today. Whats so special about today? Nothing much,  just got some motivation from this article by Chris Lema.


There are four major reasons because of which I feel the urge to write:

  1. To share the things I have learned during the first 6 years of my professional life @ rtCamp and the things I will learn.  Most of these are experiences that somehow have become great lessons.
  2. To share my opinions, candidly, about the happenings around the world. Indian political system and polity always fascinates me.  I look forward to write about it.
  3. To write my take on playing formations, tactics, transfers in the European football leagues. These leagues interests me most and I spend good amount of my Sundays’ time on them.  I am a big fan of Liverpool FC  and my posts will cover them often.
  4. To share notes about the food that excites my taste buds :). I am a foodie and  love to explore places that serve great food.

I already feel great after writing just a few paragraphs above and it seems I might be doing this often. 🙂