Are You Watching Closely?

This sentence was the foundation of Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige (

Likewise, in ongoing revenue overviews & forecasts, it can be a tendency to evaluate a project or account solely on the basis of metrics such as revenue/month or revenue/billed developer. Good or consistent numbers are correlated to an healthy client relationship.

These numbers can be deceiving, as these do not factor the client feedbacks. There are always chances that clients can be unhappy but either they can’t convey it because of lack of feedbacks mechanism, or they  can’t take any steps to deal with it.

Usually, client unhappiness can go unnoticed for weeks or months. When those are observed, it can be too late to take any corrective measures. Probably, client might have already made their minds to move on.

As a senior executive, ensure that Account Manager for client project takes ongoing feedbacks from client and address any reported issue immediately. Sometimes there are just small misunderstanding between teams which when addressed help to not compound into bigger issues.

Similarly, also take your team’s feedbacks. It can be also a case that even the team members can have issues that should be taken care of.

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