When Is the right time to release your product?


The biggest question I faced while working with a product I am leading. There was always a doubt, whether customers will like this product or not? Should I get more testing done? Should I revisit any business logics? When should I target to release? The answer I finally got was very simple – Right Now.

I recall lines from this article by Matt

 if you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version you waited too long.

Just ship your product and let customer give you feedbacks. I am getting some amazing feedbacks from the product I released a week ago. Some of the feedbacks are shaping up the product in amazing ways, plus the great inputs that are helping my team to update the documentations and manuals.

If your product is one of a kind and you think its unique, just roll out the 1.0 at the soonest and get your Being First advantage.

Image Credits: http://www.marcpina.com/

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