Istanbul, Again

Liverpool FC – Knocking out the favorites, since 2005.


There is an element of craziness involved if you are a Liverpool FC fan. You should always be prepared to get your mind go on a joy ride if it’s an European night at Anfield.

2-0 down, 3-1 down, but never down and out. LFC scored three unanswered goals within 30 minutes, and against a team that has best counter-attack in the world.

And this is what a good leadership can do.


So Long BR

The goodbye was imminent and it was just a matter of when. Sensing the opportunity to get back into top4 with a new manager, FSG pulled the plug. They are right somehow as without results, management can’t back decisions for long.
BR gave his best shot but unfortunately was not enough.

But will BR be remembered? Yes, because I know he did something extraordinary.

When fans with a great optimism line up to welcome their team like this , you know the team’s efforts have resonated with hopes of the fans.